Experienced Media Buyers for Radio Advertising


We are in the business of media buying and planning, marketing strategies and consulting, bringing our expertise and experience to your business.

Our media buyers and planners are specialists in radio marketing strategies, TV marketing, SEM management, marketing planning and CMO, creating and providing fully-negotiated media plans to meet your marketing and company budget objectives.

In working with our clients that are considering the benefits of radio advertising, our experienced media buyers can provide:

  • A radio marketing plan to help achieve greater brand awareness
  • Effective and creative use of a radio ad with maximum ROI
  • Advertising with unique positioning strategy to reach target audience
  • Communication of a simple uncomplicated radio ad message
  • Effective advertising that informs customers of products or services

Call Via Media NW for successful media advertising that will achieve a high number of ad mentions with a single-minded concept.

A Local Radio Ad Can Bring Your Brand to the Next Level


It is important to determine which media form will best reach your market because, in general, advertising is only cost-effective if it reaches your target audience.

As a full-service media buying agency with a variety of services, we can help achieve your marketing and advertising objectives through the use of radio marketing, TV marketing, online media marketing and other forms of promotion.

We are available to help you create awareness with radio advertising by establishing:

  • Your objectives and what you are trying to achieve
  • How to bring your brand to the next level with a radio ad
  • How to encourage customers to consider you first
  • If radio marketing strategies will achieve more than other forms of promotion

Not only are we highly successful with media buying and planning, but we have the ability to ensure that your advertising is consistent in reflecting the positioning strategy of your business.

Call us for a radio advertising campaign that can boost your brand awareness and revenue.

Are You Considering Radio Marketing? We Can Help


If you are a business owner considering radio advertising effectiveness, we can help!

Radio marketing strategies can deliver far more affordable and effective advertising media than many media outlets.

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of radio advertising because it makes sense to spend your advertising money with the most positive ROI:

  • A radio ad sells everywhere and with immediacy
  • Advertising rates are very cost effective
  • A radio ad has affordable reach and frequency
  • Targeted advertising that sells

We have the experience and skills to develop a marketing plan and concept, negotiate with all media outlets, and save money for our clients by having rates negotiated and planned.

Call Via Media NW for help in defining your target market and determining which media will best reach your target audience. 206.714.6326